Timli vidyapeeth a small school situated in the uphills og uttarakhand, was started with the aim to revive vedic teachings and to implement the same with modern day teaching. There was a time when around 100 of children studied in this school.

But few years back grandson of the founder who works in gurgaon realized that there is only 3 students left in the school. At that time he realized that that people are moving away from their remote villages to more urban places in search of education or employment. This resulted in a decrease in population of Timli, and consequently, Timli could not thrive as a village.

That’s when Ashish decided to utilize his education and experience to bring back to life what seemed like an old, lost school heritage, and during the weekend he travels 700 km’s to educate the village students. Recently, this vedic turned modern day school has become the first school of rural Uttarakhand to start Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Mindfulness Programmes in primary education centre.

This initiative by grandson of the founder is really inspiring.