Angel Life Skill Development Center

is dedicated to the cause of skill development of children with special needs. The Center is dedicated towards the mission to facilitate acceptance in the society for the differently able groups.


Our Centre’s vision is to try and create similar forums for personal and emotional growth for differently able as well, and also to include people with special needs from underprivileged backgrounds.

Our Centre’s mission for this year is to promote holistic development of people affected with autism, intellectual deficits and multiple disabilities. We will help them overcome their barriers and realize and utilize their full potential to enjoy full benefits of life. First of all we evaluate his or her level of disability and potential for training.

Social attitude and stigma play an important role in limiting the opportunities for the disabled. Through our community involvement programs, we are raising awareness for ‘social inclusions’. We are aiming for “Social Inclusion” of persons who are differently abled in every sphere of life. It is important to work for the total rehabilitations of the children with disabilities so that, in future, they don’t become a burden for their families and society.




Our plans:

  • Start Rehabilitation Education courses.
  • Vocational unit for differently abled like-Photocopy, envelope making, Printing, Sports, Receptionist training & according to their interests.
  • Proper environmental setups are provided which brings changes in behavioral pattern.
  • A person acquires new skills with his/her potentials and then these skills are realized as they are being utilized to give a better quality life.
  • Parents are provided counselling and training to adjust with and help their wards in a home environment as well as in society.

Training Courses in:

  • Computer skills
  • Reception/Front Office/Information Desk job
  • House Keeping
  • Art & Craft -Making of decorative bags, envelopes, cards, table mats, coasters, door mats etc.
  • Cultural Activities
  • Sports

The Vocational Training:
The unit will give pre-vocational and vocational training to the differently able teenagers and adults to achieve independent livelihood and rehabilitation.

The benefits of physical and co-curricular activities are universal for all children, including those with disabilities. The goal is inclusion for all children with disabilities in appropriate activities according to their interest and ability.

What we want

We want the society to hold hands with us to create understanding, empathetic, inclusive and accepting society. We will bring hope to distraught families by encouraging education, functional learning and helping to identify the potential in these children with intellectual deficit, autism, and multiple disabilities.

Our Aim

Our aim is to hone their special skills while synonymously giving them supervised and structured education. We gently nudge them forward on their own journeys and assist them in exploring their worlds in as many ways as they can.