As the technology develops at a rapid pace day by day, so is the way of thinking and designing. Moving a step forward, and to mark the success of women in every step of life, students of IIT-Delhi has designed a roll on that is totally out of the box to help women to deal with menstrual pain and cramps. Based on essential oils including eucalyptus oil, menthol and wintergreen oil, it can also help improve the mood of users.

This unique roll on product has been developed by 2 students of IIT-Delhi, of the textile technology department, that took 7 months to come up with the idea and the entire formulation. During menstrual pain one just needs to, apply it on the place, where there is pain, which will be effective up to 8 hours.A 10 mm roll can be used for 3 cycles of menstruation. These rolls will expire after 3 years, from the actual date of manufacturing. The entire product is cent percent natural and has no side effects at all.

Such kind of invention to cope up with tough menstrual pain by women is a really great initiative, that will be also helpful for the upcoming generations.