There is a saying in Hindi that जहां चाह हैं, वहां राह है, this saying has been proved by first transgender who became a government employee in Madhya Pradesh.

Sanjana Singh a transgender woman has been appointed the Personal Secretary (PS) to Krishna Gopal Tiwari, Director, Department of Social Justice and Disabled Welfare (DSJDW), in Madhya Pradesh government. According to media reports Sanjana has been actively participating in various social events across the city. Apart from her outstanding achievement as a government employee,  she has also been made a legal volunteer of the District Legal Authority, and a member of the Lok Adalat, where she will hear the pending cases along with the judge.

Her sheer courage and determination has proved that, gender discrimination in today’s date is of no use in front of talent and hard work. Her story is really a inspiration for the society.