In a total area of 200 acre land a Chennai resident has turned it into a organic farm. Here the entire farm fuses into conventional natural farming methods, biodynamic cultivation and new technologies to make farming sustainable and profitable.

This entire farm build in this land has a dairy unit, produces its manure and biopesticides, a food processing unit and even a microbiology lab. To this date, Jayachnadran has helped train more than 1,500 farmers and students from across India on this farm completely free of cost.

The biodynamic way of cultivation gives priority to soil health. It treats soil fertility, plant growth, and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks. The farm also uses drip irrigation and has over six open wells, six percolation ponds, and 28 bore wells. The canals with check-walls, running the length and breadth of the farm, stop the surface water run-off. These measures help save over two crore liters of water annually.

This is in fact a great initiative to save water, soil and environment as a whole.