“Differentiate persons by their attitude – positive or negative instead of class, creed or colour



Spandan means vibration and therefore, all projects of the foundation are developed to create a Spandan in the society.

Spandan Engineering

Spandan Engineering

Spandan 30 identifies deserving candidates from the remote and under privileged settlements for IIT and other higher degree of education.


Dagrus of the health care service project of Plus Approach Foundation under the programme of Spandan.



SREE which signifies nature and creator like our mother earth. It stands for “Save Resources, Energy and Environment”.

Positive News

Cars Fuelled by Water & Aluminium? IIT Roorkee’s New Innovation Is Brilliant!
Cars Fuelled by Water & Aluminium? IIT Roorkee’s New Innovation Is Brilliant! According to the team from IIT, the prototype has tremendous potential for mass[...]
Forced to Quit Studies, Kerala Farmer Donates Rs 40K to Print Books For Tribal Kids
CK Narayana Panicker is an 89-year-old farmer from Feroke in Kozhikode, who had to quit studies after being unable to even buy textbooks owing to[...]
The Youth Olympics saw some intense competition on Day 1, with the young judoka emerging with a silver. The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games are[...]

Positive Thoughts


SDG Projects

Positive India (SDG – 16)

To disseminate positive news and spread positivity amongst all sections of society

Vidushi “Women empowerment “ Program ( Aligned with SDG-5)

Supporting Women and Poor Girls thru employment, marriage etc.

JS ‘Transforming Lives’(SDG–4)

Providing opportunities to underpriveliged and poor students to shape up their future throough skill development at other courses.

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In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.
~Dalai Lama~
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