“Differentiate persons by their attitude – positive or negative instead of class, creed or colour



Spandan means vibration and therefore, all projects of the foundation are developed to create a Spandan in the society.
Spandan Engineering

Spandan Engineering

Spandan 30 identifies deserving candidates from remote & under privileged settlements for IIT & other higher degree of education.


Dagrus of the health care service project of Plus Approach Foundation under the programme of Spandan.


SREE which signifies nature and creator like our mother earth. It stands for “Save Resources, Energy and Environment”.

Laubanj “A Step towards self sustainability”

Eyes are the most beautiful gift of god. Leaping a step forward for self service to the society, Plus Approach Foundation organized a free eye check-up[...]
To empower the woman’s and to make them self sustainable, Plus Approach Foundation organized a vocational training on tailoring and stitching, where these women’s were[...]
Education is a great tool to change the life and mindset of the society. Taking a postive approach towards the masses to educate, PLUS APPROACH[...]
cleanliness, toilets and sanitations
Plus Approach Foundation has started a Cleanliness and Sanitation drive in the rural villages of Uttarkhand to make aware the villagers about the importance of[...]

Positive News

While the rest of the world has far progressed from this aged way of manufacturing textiles, many weaving communities in India continue to use the[...]
Technology freak turned to agriculturist Yatish from Bengaluru along with his wife launched an online portal ‘Local Farmer’ for farmers to sell their produce directly[...]
Santosh Devi Khedar’s journey started with this nearly barren 1.25-acre land which produced barely enough to tide over the expenses of the seeds, fertilizers and[...]
Education is the basic right of each and every student, but a major class lacks the same due to poor financial conditions, thus their dream[...]

Positive Thoughts


SDG Projects

Positive India (SDG – 16)

To disseminate positive news and spread positivity amongst all sections of society

Vidushi “Women empowerment “ Program ( Aligned with SDG-5)

Supporting Women and Poor Girls thru employment, marriage etc.

JS ‘Transforming Lives’(SDG–4)

Providing opportunities to underpriveliged and poor students to shape up their future throough skill development at other courses.

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In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.
~Dalai Lama~
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